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NWFA members can earn scholarships to participate in NWFA technical education and certification opportunities. Learn more.




NWFA Technical Education

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Upcoming Opportunities: 

Intermediate Installation
Aug. 5-8 in Chicago 

Intermediate Sand & Finish
Aug. 12-15 in Chicago

Basic Sand & Finish
Aug. 26-28 in Marietta, GA




Visiting Mirage Floors in Canada

I had the good fortune of visiting NWFA member Mirage Floors. One of the first things one notices when entering the Beauce Region is the thriving wood products industry. What surprised me was ... [Continue ...]

Hardwood Floors Magazine

See the June/July issue of Hardwood Floors magazine, the official magazine of the NWFA

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NWFA Wood Flooring Expo

2015 Wood Flooring Expo

Join us for the 2015 Wood Flooring Expo, next April 28-May 1, in St. Louis, where we will celebrate the NWFA's 30th anniversary.

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