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Keep your skills sharp using NWFA's technical resources.

Live Technical Support

Seasoned industry professionals are on call to answer members' job site questions during business hours.  Full-time staff work with you to analyze your situation and derive solutions.

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NWFA Certified Professionals

The NWFA’s certification program was developed to recognize and promote competence of wood flooring professionals throughout the industry. NWFACP offers certifications for installation, sand & finish, sales, and wood flooring inspection. Learn more about NWFACP.

Technical Education

The NWFA offers one of the most comprehensive selections of technical education for wood flooring professionals. NWFA education is designed to help you improve your technical skills and expand your industry knowledge. Check out NWFA's technical education opportunities.

Technical Publications & Guidelines

The NWFA Installation and Sand and Finish Guidelines offer industry-accepted standards for hardwood flooring techniques. The NWFA also offers a variety of comprehensive technical manuals. Their easy-to-use formats and straightforward information help guide you through many situations that you might encounter on the job. Membership includes PDF downloads of these publications. Learn more.


Hardwood Floors Magazine

Check out the latest news from Hardwood Floors Magazine, the official magazine of the NWFA.


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