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NWFA's funding program is governed by the NWFA Education & Research Foundation and the FSC Procurement Group Steering Committee. The program is funded by corporate gifts and contributions from organizations with like-minded goals that may include environmental groups, government agencies or universities that promote or develop forest and wood certification programs.

  1. Philanthropic, General Gift or Grant:  Donors may provide gifts deisgnated for the overall growth of RPP and FSC certification. The governing body of the NWFA Education & Research Foundation will designate general gift or grant funding to qualified grant applicants and/or funding needs of RPP and grant programs.
  2. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU):  This method of funding allows for contributions to follow a specific set of criteria as outlined in a Memo of Understanding between the funding organization and the NWFA Education & Research Foundation. Funding by MOU allows the donor to designate funding for a specific purpose such as an individual land owner, an individual manufacturer or other related organizations.


Note:  All gifts, grants or MOU's must include a minimum contribution of 20% to the NWFA RPP Program. This funding offsets the costs of administering the grant program and providing the technical support necessary to achieve RPP verifications or FSC certification. Depending on the scope of MOU, additional technical support may be added as agreed to within the MOU.

The NWFA Education & Research Foundation is a 501 (C)(3) charitable organization based in the state of Missouri. Gifts or donations to the Foundation are tax-deductable in accordance with the IRS and state departments of revenue.

Click here for more information on how to apply for the grant.


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