NWFA's Commitment to Future Generations

The NWFA Education & Research Foundation works to advance market awareness of the true environmental benefits of hardwood flooring products with the creation of Life Cycle Analysis studies on solid and engineered wood flooring.

To further the industry's commitment to sustainability, the NWFA Responsible Procurement Program (RPP) provides NWFA manufacturers with a tangible way of proving the positive environmental benefits of using wood flooring products.  This program is provided through a third-party audit system (Scientific Certification Services) which accounts for the amount of wood sourced from a renewing forest. 

In 2008, through its RPP program, NWFA began working with leading environmental groups including the Rainforest Alliance TREES US Program, Global Forest & Trade Network of the World Wildlife Fund, and the Forest Stewardship Council U-S (FSC-US) to develop a step-wise approach for wood flooring manufacturers (also open to other wood product manufacturers) with proof of sustainability through sourcing from U.S. renewing forests, which created the Verified U.S. Renewing Forest label as a step-wise approach to achieving FSC Certification.

The NWFA also developed the FSC Procurement Group Steering Committee comprised of wood flooring industry leaders, FSC-US leadership, and corporations outside of the wood flooring industry that are dedicated to developing more FSC certified forest land. 

From the seeds that were planted in these programs over the years, today the Foundation has deep roots within the forestry, environmental, and sustainable construction fields, and is expanding its mission to develop a full Woodland Sustainability Program, linking partners with interests in multi-year funding and commitments to provide for the future of our forests.  These goals will be achieved through grant funding for the development of FSC certification for landowners.     

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