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The Hardwood Federation coordinates industry policy positions to ensure a unified voice on legislation impacting hardwood businesses. The HF acts as the industry’s advocacy voice on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.

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The HF represents the majority of trade associations engaged in the manufacturing, wholesaling, or distribution of North American hardwood lumber, veneer, plywood, flooring, and related products.

The Hardwood Federation has been busy addressing several issues. Some of its recent accomplishments include:

  • Success in sending a bipartisan letter from Congress to the USGBC asking for recognition of more sustainable wood sources than currently recognized by LEED.
  • The House Agriculture Forestry Subcommittee holding a hearing on “Challenges of Managing and Maintaining Forest Health” featuring Tom Tidwell, head of the USFS. Chairman G.T. Thompson (R-PA) and Committee member Reid Ribble (R-WI) emphasized issues of concern to the hardwood industry such as more access to federal timber and insect (particularly Emerald Ash Borer) eradication.
  • HF Board member Jamey French participating in a briefing on the Lacey Act held in the US House. Briefing panel also included AF&PA, labor unions, and environmental organizations, all supporters of the anti-illegal logging statute.
  • Working with the wood industry coalition and Senate supporters to develop an amendment to the current USDA biopreferred purchasing program. As it now stands, wood products do not qualify for the government preference program.

Learn more about the Hardwood Federation by visiting its web site. Also check out this video about the importance of the Hardwood Federation and the Hardwood Federation Political Action Committee.

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