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NWFA members can help influence and shape the industry by serving on one of the NWFA's numerous committees. As a committee member, you will have an opportunity to interact with others, recommending and implementing programs that will benefit our industry. Learn more.

Partners in Education

NWFA Partners in Education are companies that contribute to the success of the NWFA’s educational programs and have assisted with the advancement of the wood flooring industry. NWFA Partners donate time, funding, and/or materials to the NWFA’s training programs.

For information on participating as a Partner in Education, contact Tricia Swindoll at or 800.422.4556.

View a list of our Partners in Education.

Technical Education Regional Instructors

NWFA members can serve as instructors for NWFA technical training to advance the knowledge and skills of our membership and other wood flooring professionals. Training is provided by the NWFA.

For information on participating as an instructor, contact Tricia Swindoll at or 800.422.4556.

Addressing the Skilled Labor Shortage   

NWFA is currently working on several initiatives that are designed to help address the skilled labor shortage in our industry:

NWFA University Combined with Digital Badging

The NWFA launched NWFAU in July 2016. Since launching NWFA University, the association has seen staggering engagement: more than 8,000 courses have been completed, and more than 4,000 badges have been issued in partnership with Credly, a digital credentialing platform that ensures that credentials are valid, reliable, and authenticated. Digital badging will help with brand awareness as they are shared on social media sites, thus providing visibility to a younger, tech-savvy, social generation.

Higher Levels of Certification

NWFA will be launching higher levels of certification at Expo in April. These higher levels will allow certified professionals to continue their education and become a Certified Craftsman and Certified Master Craftsman. These advanced certifications provide our members with a clear path to becoming a leader in their trade and opportunities for growth, which has proven to be of importance to the Millennial generation.

Federal Department of Labor (DOL) Approved Apprenticeship Program

NWFA is currently in the draft stages of developing a Federal DOL-approved apprenticeship program. Once complete, NWFA will create a grassroots campaign to push the program to high schools, CTE centers, member companies, and more.

Local CTE Center Job Fair

In April, NWFA will have a booth at the Lewis and Clark Community College Job Fair in St. Charles, Missouri for CTE students. The NWFA team's goal will be to learn from this event and build a toolkit that members can use in their own marketplace. The NWFA team also hopes this will provide an opportunity to market the apprenticeship program pending its development status in April.

National Affiliate Member of the Association for Career & Technical Education

NWFA will participate in a Career Pavilion at the annual Association for Career & Technical Education show in December 2017. The show brings 5,000 CTE professionals together from across the country. Membership also will grow connections and introductions to CTE centerers across the country and can be used as an audience for an apprenticeship program.

SkillsUSA Event

NWFA will attend a SkillsUSA event in June to observe and work to create a wood flooring competition. The process for establishing a wood competition includes starting with a local event. SkillsUSA will measure success to see if it warrants a grander stage at the regional and national level. 

Manufacturing Day

NWFA is currently working with Middle Tennessee Lumber to participate in Manufacturing Day in October 2017. The team is working to build a tool kit that members can take into markets/communities across the country. Manufacturing Day is a national initiative; details can be found at

For more information about these initiatives, pick up a copy of the April/May 2017 Edition of Hardwood Floors Magazine or view the digital edition online at You can also check out the documents below: 

Support the Perkins Act 

Important Message Regarding Skilled Labor 

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