Proposed EPA Regulations on Formaldehyde

The NWFA recently submitted commentary to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on its proposed regulations of formaldehyde in composite wood products. Specifically, the NWFA responded to concerns regarding new or expanded regulation covering producers of lumber core, veneer core, and bamboo flooring, as well as regulation of third-party certifiers.

An industry-wide task force of wood flooring industry leaders representing both domestic and international businesses was assembled through the NWFA’s Government Relations committee to prepare a balanced perspective representative of the membership’s diversity.

NWFA voiced concern over proposed regulations in four areas:

  1. The significant deviation from the California Air Resources Board (CARB) Reform Bill
  2. A short timeframe to become a certified company
  3. The lack of protection of confidential business information
  4. The inclusion of downstream fabricators who would absorb a double certification burden

Industry professionals are encouraged to contact their senators and representatives as well.


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Official NWFA Press Release

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