Teaching Resources

NWFA members can help spread the word about responsible forestry to the next generation. Check out the free resources available to you. Consider teaching these lessons in your community using the provided information.


"Truax" is an innovative way to teach children about forest management, written by NWFA member, Terri Birkett, of Ten Oaks in Stuart, VA. Download a free copy here.

Told in the style of Dr. Seuss, "Truax" is intended to help students think about the importance of renewable resources and the responsible management of those resources. An accompanying lesson plan and worksheet are available here.

Hardwood Forest Foundation

The Hardwood Forest Foundation has been involved in a variety of educational programs and activities throughout the US and Canada with the support of its parent organization, the National Hardwood Lumber Association. The foundation offers its "Truth About Trees" curriculum, which includes lesson plans, videos, and games, free of charge. Other resources for children, educators, and wood flooring professionals interested in leading instruction are available from www.hardwoodforest.org.

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