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About Certified Sales Advisors

If you are in the business of selling wood floors, you need every advantage you can get to attract customers and close the deal. NWFACP certification can give you that advantage.

NWFACPs have access to the use of the NWFACP logo on all promotional materials and are listed prominently in the Hardwood Floors Magazine Resource Book and the NWFA consumer site, www.woodfloors.org.

Sales Advisor Certification Benefits

  • One, $200 voucher for NWFA hands-on training, received after renewing your certification dues.
  • Exclusive use of NWFACP logo for van decals/business cards/company shirts/brochures
  • Prominent listing in NWFA Industry Guide as NWFA Certified Professional.
  • New business generated by being listed on the NWFA consumer website.
  • Professional credibility to customers, industry professionals, and for appearances in court.
  • Access to NWFA University (NWFAU) Online Sales Training Track 24/7 when you maintain the Certified Sales Advisor status.
  • Access to promotional materials, such as NWFAU badges, to advertise your certified status on social channels and personal website.
  • Access to NWFA scholarships for NWFA educational events to help meet your CCU requirements.
  • Access to the most current NWFA technical publications to give you assurance of having the most up to date information.
  • Certification certificate and pin to hang for customers to see.
  • Social network on NWFA website (exclusive to CPs) to network with other CPs.
  • Ability to serve on committees as a recognized industry expert.
  • Potential to become NWFA School instructor.
  • Potential to excel your career into other facets of the wood flooring industry.

Certification Prerequisites, Testing & Maintenance

Separate online tests are required for certification through NWFAU. For $300, the NWFAU Sales Certification Package includes:

  • NWFAU Sales Training & Testing.
  • 9 badges.
  • Certification for one year. 

The steps to earn NWFA Sales Advisor Certification include:

  1. Be a member of NWFA in good standing.
  2. Attend NWFA Retail Sales Training and/or complete NWFA University Online Sales Track ($300).
  3. Sign Certified Sales Advisor Code of Conduct.

Certified Sales Advisor annual maintenance requirements:

  1. Company must maintain NWFA membership.
  2. Pay annual CSA dues of $50.
  3. Completion of 3 Continuing Certification Units (CCUs).
    • Must complete 3 CCUs by June 30th of each year; no rollover credits allowed.

To maintain the certification, three continuing certification units (CCUs) are required every year, as well as annual certification dues. CCUs are earned by attending NWFA-approved training, completing courses online through NWFAU, attending NWFA-approved training, the NWFACP Symposium, and the NWFA Wood Flooring Expo. 

For more information about Sales Advisor Certification, contact Sharon Schaller at sharon.schaller@nwfa.org or 800.422.4556.

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