NWFACP & American Sanders Partnership

NWFA Certified Professionals and American Sanders have partnered to offer a dual-certification program for wood flooring sand and finishers.

Wood flooring sand & finishers can set themselves apart from their competition by earning their sand & finish certification from NWFA Certified Professionals. As an American Sanders Sand & Finisher, you've already proven your technical mastery in sanding and finishing wood flooring. All that remains to be certified is to pass the NWFACP online exams through NWFA University. NWFA Certified Professional Sand & Finishers recognize the additional benefits their certification provides: 

  • Recognition of the NWFACP Certified Sand & Finish logo
  • Access to NWFA technicians and current technical publications
  • Inclusion in the NWFA web site customer search and NWFA Industry Guide
  • Recommendations from industry manufacturers
  • Increased credibility with customers, industry professionals, and as an expert witness
  • Unlimited access to NWFA University Sand & Finish online training courses
  • Access to promotional materials, such as NWFAU badges, to advertise certified status
  • $200 voucher for NWFA hands-on training, received each year after certification renewal

To earn and maintain your NWFACP Sand & Finisher status, you must:

  • Be an NWFA member
  • Submit the $200 online testing fee
  • Pass the online exams through NWFA University
  • Participate in continuing education
  • Complete the annual maintenance requirements 

This partnership builds on the strengths of the individual programs, cultivating the best sand and finishers possible.

The adoption of this program also increases the visibility of the NWFA Certified Professional Sand & Finisher certification. More than 40 manufacturers recommend using NWFA Certified Professionals when sanding and finishing their wood flooring products. See the complete list here.

For more information about this partnership or to register for the on-line written exam, contact Sharon Schaller at sharon.schaller@nwfa.org or 866.418.5408.

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