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The National Wood Flooring Association is an international not-for-profit trade association representing all segments of the hardwood flooring industry.

The NWFA is located at:

111 Chesterfield Industrial Blvd.
Chesterfield, MO 63005

You can reach our office by calling 800.422.4556.

The programs and services available to NWFA members are created and maintained by a team of motivated and dedicated individuals. Learn more about the NWFA staff members.

Michael edit-7832

michael martin

President & CEO

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Brett edit2-7925

brett miller

Vice President of Education & Certification

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bill short

NWFA/NOFMA Mill Inspector & Training Facilities Manager

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Debbie edit2-7851

debbie edgar

Human Resources Manager & Board Relations

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Katie IMG_7657edit

katie schenk

Media Production Specialist

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Laura edit3-7798

laura boyle

Marketing & Creative Director

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Megan edit3-7789

penny key

Meeting & Trade Show Director

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stephanie owen

Education & Member Engagement Director

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Anita edit3-7777

anita howard

Chief Operating Officer

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Stacy IMG_7668edit

stacy brown

Vice President of Publishing & Communications

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Catherine edit-7816

catherine lawrence


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Jodi edit 2-7740

jodi o'toole

Director of IT & Web Development

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Keith edit-9864

keith troyer

Marketing Manager

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libby johnston

Director of Media & Advertising

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Penny edit-7940

rusty swindoll

Technical Advisor

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Stephanie edit2-7875

tricia swindoll

Technical Education Coordinator

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Bree edit-7684

bree urech-boyle

Chief Financial Officer

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Ann edit-7764

ann palmer

Membership Coordinator

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dana rogers

Certified Professionals Administrative Assistant

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john forbes

Director of Manufacturer Services

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kjell nymark

Certification and Training Manager

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lindsey morris

Education Content Specialist

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sharon schaller

Member Engagement Manager

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veronica hutchings

Accounting Manager

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