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Land owners, wood product manufacturers, RPP members or other parties interested in obtaining grant funding must complete an application and be approved by the governing bodies of the program. Applications are subject to the availability of funding.

Grant stipulations:

  • Land owners must commit to a timeframe for completing FSC certification and a specified acreage. They must provide proof of land ownership at the time of application.
  • Small wood product manufacturers must develop a proposal that includes all costs to implement the necessary business systems to meet RPP and/or FSC certification audit standards. NWFA can provide consultation for this prior to the completion of the appliction.
  • Marketing activity requests by RPP members must include a timeframe, budget, defined marketing program objectives, activities and quantifiable measurements of the marketing impact. Approved funding will be provided after campaign results are submitted in accordance with the agreed upon quantifiable results. Marketing activities may require proof of company funding or co-funding prior to grant approval.


Criteria for Funding

Applications for project funding will initially be based on a review of purposes and contributions, including funding types. Applications will then be further reviewed for impacts of planned results based on:

  • Sustainability commitments from project partners and stakeholders
  • Experience of partners, including prior projects
  • Activities and timetable feasibility
  • A mechanism for tracking, sharing and analyzing measureable results


Click here for downloadable application.

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