WFCA Membership Opportunity

NWFA and WFCA (World Floor Covering Association) have partnered together to bring NWFA members an exclusive discount on WFCA membership


Save $100 on any of the WFCA tiered membership options when you join WFCA through NWFA.

WFCA offers three tiers of membership with assorted benefits. As an NWFA member, you can take advantage of a WFCA membership at a discount.



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To join as a Sustaining Member, click here.

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WFCA Trade Scholarship

Once you join WFCA, you become eligible to apply for a WFCA annual Trade Scholarship. The WFCA annual Trade Scholarship provides funds to attend training events, completely recouping your membership costs and more. WFCA's reimbursement policy allows members to attend trainings and events while receiving up to $500 back per year. When you join at the WFCA Leader or Advocate membership level, this scholarship can be used toward attending the annual NWFA Wood Flooring Expo or any NWFA technical education or certification events.

Contact the NWFA Membership Department at 800.422.4556 (USA & Canada) or 636.519.9663 (international) for further details about joining WFCA through the special offer with the NWFA.

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