Online Training


The online platform of NWFA University will complement hands-on training to provide a convenient and affordable training alternative.

Get involved with the online platform – training when and where you want it. With NWFA University, students can complete training at their own pace and on their own terms. The online courses can also be used to enhance the training students will receive when attending a hands-on NWFA class. These opportunities are important because, whether on-line or in-person instruction takes place, students will learn from industry experts who don't just tell you how to get it done, they show you. 

The online portion of NWFA University offers more than 50 courses, with series of courses leading to public certification badges that can easily be shared on your social channels. This is your chance to reach consumers on a different level. As you participate in more learning opportunities, and earn more badges, your name will move up in the search engine and bring you closer to the eyes of a consumer in the "Find a Professional" marketing feature.

How do I get access?

  • Members can purchase the all-access pass to NWFAU for $100
  • This will grant you and your employees access to all of the courses. *Please note – to apply this pass for a company, the primary contact for the company must purchase the pass.
  • As a series of courses is completed, badges can be earned.
  • As you earn badges, you can purchase them for $35.


A badge is a digital representation of a learned skill, and contains digital content that can be shared on social media platforms. Badges will serve as prerequisites to hands-on training, which will allow for more time to develop hands-on skills during on-site training. 


Courses + Certifications


Each career path has a series of courses that complement each other to provide a well-rounded learning experience and meet the necessary requirements to work toward certification.

Choose from more than 50 courses, such as: 

  • How to evaluate a job-site
  • What kind of safety equipment to use
  • The effects water can have on wood


For NWFA Certified Professionals who have already met previous certification requirements, you will be grandfathered into NWFAU and given access to the courses and badges at your equivalent career path, free of charge. You will have the ability to earn and purchase the additional badges that have been added since you earned your certification.

Engage with NWFAU to win a Lägler TRIO sander


Lägler has partnered with NWFA to promote NWFA University by donating a limited-edition carbon fiber TRIO sander, to be given away to one lucky user of NWFAU. For each earned badge an individual purchases, their name will be entered into the raffle for the carbon fiber TRIO sander. Only 10 of these special-edition machines were made to commemorate Lägler's 60th anniversary. 


NWFA University is what you need to further your career and stand out as a wood flooring professional. Contact the NWFA at 800.422.4556 for more information. 




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