Certified Wood Flooring Inspectors

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About Certified Wood Flooring Inspectors

Becoming an NWFACP Certified Inspector validates your wood flooring knowledge and expertise. Your certification will help you provide your customers with the most thorough inspection services available.

NWFACPs have access to the use of the NWFACP logo on all promotional materials and are listed prominently in the Hardwood Floors Magazine Resource Book and the NWFA consumer site, www.woodfloors.org.

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Certification Prerequisites, Testing & Maintenance

To be eligible for inspection testing, you must have three years of experience in wood flooring installation and sand & finish. Additionally, you must have successfully completed intermediate installation training and intermediate sand & finish training, as well as the NWFACP inspector training. All NWFACPs are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct.

A four-hour, open-book test is based on NWFA Installation and Sand & Finish guidelines and other industry publications. Two report scenarios simulating real-world complaints must be submitted within 10 days of completing the written test. The testing fee is $350 for NWFA members.

Before certification is awarded, three inspection reports must be submitted to NWFACP for review and approval within one year of passing the written test..

To maintain the certification, six continuing certification units (CCUs) are required every two years, as well as annual certification dues. CCUs are earned by completing courses online with NWFAU, and attending NWFA-approved training, the NWFACP Symposium, and the NWFA Wood Flooring Expo.

  • Maximum of 4 CCUs out of the required 6 can be online through NWFAU or any approved CEUs
  • Minimum of 2 CCUs out of the required 6 must be at NWFA hands-on training or NWFA Expo

NWFACP Certified Inspectors must also submit and gain approval on one inspector report every year.*

Complaint Process

NWFACP offers a complaint review process for all Certified Inspectors. Click here for more information on this process.

For more information, contact 800.422.4556.

*Inspectors not conducting inspections for the general public have the status of "Wood Flooring Inspector - Credentialized" and can waive the report requirement. Contact NWFACP for details. 



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