Badges & Certification

NWFA University recognizes the completion of a series of courses through digital badges. A badge is a digital representation of a learned skill, and contains digital content that can be shared on social media platforms. There are currently two ways to earn and claim a badge.

Individuals who have earned badges through NWFA University (after July 1, 2016)

Please visit the NWFA store to purchase your digital badge. Sign in to receive your member pricing of $35/badge. If you are interested in becoming certified in that area, please contact for information on bulk badge purchase discounts.  


Grandfathered NWFA Certified Professionals (those who were certified previous to July 1, 2016)

After completing a learning path in your certification track, NWFA University support team will issue the badge you've earned. You will be sent an email through NWFA via Credly, our digital credential partner, containing your new badge. After creating an individual account with Credly, you will then be able to view and showcase this achievement.


For more information on how to accept and share your badge credit, click here.

Badges will serve as prerequisites to hands-on training, which will allow for more time to develop hands-on skills during on-site training. Some badges also require hands-on testing. You can find the available hands-on training opportunities here.  


Engage with NWFAU to win a Lägler TRIO sander


Lägler has partnered with NWFA to promote NWFA University by donating a limited-edition carbon fiber TRIO sander, to be given away to one lucky user of NWFAU. For each earned badge an individual purchases, their name will be entered into the raffle for the carbon fiber TRIO sander. Only 10 of these special-edition machines were made to commemorate Lägler's 60th anniversary. 







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